RI Academy Stores

Career Road Map   

Many people join River Island as a temporary member staff or to support during seasonal times like Christmas and end up with long and fulfilling careers. This is down to the great working environment and and sense of team in all our stores. We do provide fantastic development as well.

From mentoring to presentation skills our RI Academy and RIVA (River Island Virtual Academy) is available to all employees looking to develop their career.  Click here to view the Learning Catalogue and check out the kind of support available to you.

Progression can happen as quickly as you want it to.  You are ultimately responsible for driving this and we will support you every step of the way.  We don’t have any formal 1:1 annual reviews and encourage in the moment feedback which allows you to grab a coffee with your manager at any time you feel you need a chat.

Volunteer to be involved with store refits or new store openings widening your RI network and working alongside our Visual Merchandising team.

You can even apply to be on the River Island Retail Manager Apprenticeship programme. The possibilities are endless.